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APTech Staff by Department

Thayer Long 


Deborah B. Vieder
Associate Vice-President, Communications

Jane E. Pratt
Director, Communications

Community and Industry Development

Ken Garner
Vice-President, Business Development and Industry Relations

Julie Schaffer
Associate Vice-President, Program and Community Development

Events and Meetings

Kelly E. Kilga, CEM
Vice President, Meetings & Events

Chrissie Hahn
Senior Director, Sales & Exhibitor Services

Kaitlyn Greene
Exhibit Sales & Services Assistant

Deedee (Diana) Tinkham
Director, Meetings & Events

Erin Harrison
Manager, Meetings & Registration

Jodie Haynes
Director, Marketing Services

Sherry MacDonald
Director, Event Marketing

Global Programs

Pernilla Jonsson
Senior Director, Global Programs

Marco Gandasubrata
Director, NPES Indonesia

Martin Ning Yu
Director, NPES China

Vinod Vittoba
Director, NPES India

Hamilton Terni Costa
Director, NPES Brazil and Latin America (Consultant)

Government Affairs

Mark J. Nuzzaco
Vice President, Government Affairs

Market Data and PRIMIR

Greg Safko
Vice President, Research and Global Markets

Rekha Ratnam
Senior Director, PRIMIR Market Research

Jason Goodwin

Manager, Market Data Programs

Operations and Membership

Judy B. Durham
Executive Vice President, Operations and Membership

Crystal E. Young
Director, Accounting and Operations

Beth O’Meara
Accounting Assistant

Bobbi Brennan

Troy Hyche
Production Specialist

Carol Lee Hawkins
Director, Membership and Development

Jesus A. Romero
Director, Database and Technology

Gillian Kussmann
Manager, Database

Standards Program

Debbie Orf
Senior Director, ICC and Standards

Sharon Cassette
Manager, ICC and Standards

Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF)

Margie Garr
Director, GAERF