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Discovering a New World of Color and Appearance Management Solutions
Research conducted by: Nima Hunter

In the eyes of print buyers, color management solutions are key for consumer product companies – as they expand around the world, they try to keep the value and integrity of their brand intact. This study should cover color management best practices, the software available, and the companies in the industry who focus on this key industry trend. Also, to be included, information related to software, hardware, system integration and who is managing this.


Future of the North American Corrugated Market
Research conducted by: Dynovel, Inc.

This study will be an in-depth review of the North American (U.S. and Canada) corrugated market. Corrugated is the largest sub-segment in the packaging industry. Roughly 90% of all products in North America are delivered or transported in printed corrugated boxes at some point in their life cycle. There is growing demand for retain ready packaging, point of sale displays and merchandising units. There is also a movement towards high-end graphics versus pre-printed top sheets. Overall, demand for corrugated packaging material is expected to increase.