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A week of study previews and opportunities to participate in upcoming research projects.

Study Previews

Welcome to PRIMIR Week!  Please take a look at the videos below to become acquainted with our next set of research studies.  If you are interested in participating in a study, please let us know either by signing up through our online web form or by sending an email to Jason Goodwin.  


Study Volunteer Positions

Each study has a volunteer Chair/Co-Chair as well as a small number of panel members.  Below is a brief description of each panel position.

Panel Members – A typical study will have a small group of panel members (no more than 10) representing a broad range of companies from within the industry.  Panel members are responsible for helping to narrow the focus of a broadly outlined study, provide industry specific knowledge on the topic at hand, review and comment on study drafts, and participate in a small number of conference calls throughout the course of the study. 

Chair/Co-Chair – A study chair has many of the same responsibilities as a panel member but works more closely with both APTech staff and the research analyst/consultant performing the study.  Chairs help to ensure a study is moving in the right direction by providing expert-level knowledge in the study area, engaging with panel members to ensure their questions and/or concerns are being addressed, providing input on meeting agendas, and in some cases, jumping in to lead discussions surrounding critical topics.  A second co-chair may be added if there is interest from multiple volunteers, though no more than two co-chairs would be in place for any study. 

For those that sign-up to be on a study panel, we will begin contacting you the week of April 1st and expect meetings to begin in mid-April.  The start of each study panel will be staggered so that, depending on the study, the first meeting may happen a few weeks later.  

PRIMIR Week - Introduction

From March 25th - March 29th, we'll be releasing a new video each day previewing an upcoming research study. Each video will also provide you with a way to volunteer to be on a study panel, which will allow you to have a critical voice to ensure questions critical to you and your business are answered.

Monday - PRIMIR Week Day 1

Today's preview is for an upcoming study taking a look at lean manufacturing and continuous improvement systems and their applications to print.

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Tuesday - PRIMIR Week Day 2

Our next study will take a look at the future of digital packaging. For commercial printers considering adding a digital packaging line of business, this study will examine the benefits and opportunities available and provide an overview of successful implementation strategies for an effective entry into the market.

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Wednesday - PRIMIR Week Day 3

Today we provide a preview of our next 2019 study, an update to the 2015 study “Trends and Future of Direct Mail Through 2020”.

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Thursday - PRIMIR Week Day 4

Our next study preview is for our upcoming study titled "A Future Look at the Printing Company Sales Concept", examining the best ways for printers to find, hire, and train their sales staff.

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Friday - PRIMIR Week Day 5

Our last study preview of the week looks at the opportunities and challenges faced by commercial printers as they look to expand or adapt their current offerings to include package printing.

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