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Our Business Intelligence Series provides quick-read updates to several recent PRIMIR studies.  Each report distills key findings from the original report, mixed with updated facts and figures, into a roughly 10-page report available to all members of the Association for PRINT Technologies.  As reports become available, a link to the report will appear below.  To download a report from the link you will need to log in using your member credentials.

If you have any trouble logging in or if you have any feedback on either the reports selected or ideas for future report updates, please reach out to Jason Goodwin at

2019 Business Intelligence Series

Update to 2015 Study

The Future of Print in the U.S.

As key outside forces drive huge change for the U.S. commercial print industry, viewing the future landscape through the lens of these outside forces can highlight opportunities.  Learning the preferences of U.S. consumers and the direction of both the U.S. economy and print-related industries is critical. This study identifies several critical trends, including the evolution of the consumer experience, the rise of data, the importance of mass personalization, and the role of social media in content generation and consumption.  

Update to 2015 Study

Print Applications: Revenues, Processes, and Run Lengths in Commercial Printing

This update to our 2015 study will drive an understanding of trends and opportunities by application and print process focusing on several marketing and advertising applications (including catalogues, inserts, direct mail, and much more) at commercial, quick, and retail printers. 

Update to 2017 Study

Printing Industry Consumables, Inks, and Substrates Usage and Trends

This report will provide US and Canada centric updates to the 2017 study "Worldwide Printing Industry Consumables, Inks, and Substrates Usage and Trends" with new benchmark data points.  Included in the update are looks at current consumption trends, how those trends are expected to change in the coming years, and how those changes may impact the consumables business.  

Update to 2017 Study

North American MIS/ERP Adoption in Commercial Print

MIS/ERP solutions in the printing industry have the reputation of being inconsistent and extremely diverse. This study will explore what typical features of MIS/ERP solutions are being purchased, to what extent they are actually implemented, and how they are being integrated into the standard print shop workflow. Additional detail surrounding which MIS/ERP solutions are most popular, what capabilities are most important, and what are current adoption rates will also be included.

Update to 2018 Study

Trends in Packaging Affecting North American Converter and Supplier Markets

Packaging is the fastest growing segment in the printing industry in North America. However, some segments of the packaging market are under severe pressure based on these major factors: global economics, off-shore manufacturing of durable goods and trade imbalances. Based on these and other factors, the North American packaging market is going through dynamic changes depending on the industry segment. This update will provide new examination of how these global factors will affect the US and Canadian packaging industry and how that, in turn, will affect packaging converters and suppliers.

Update to 2018 Study

Service to U.S. Printers: Trends and Outlook

Print sector customers are running their operations with a sharper business focus and, as a result, have a heightened awareness of bottom line profitability. Increasingly they are reluctant to enlist outside services that may increase costs without a demonstrated ROI.  This update to our 2018 study will provide new data points relating to current trends and a future outlooks for print industry services providers.