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Market Data Programs

Printing Technology and Supplies Market Data

Beginning in 1957, our core Printing Technology and Supplies Market Data Program is available to member companies who elect to particpate in the program by sharing relevant shipment data in several key categories.  That data is collected by an independent consulting firm, aggregated, and delivered directly to particpants at no additional cost.  Additional details are available on the core Market Data Program page.  

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APTech Advisor

The APTech Advisor (formerly The NPES Advisor) is a quarterly report, prepared by the Institute for Trend Research (ITR), with written macro-economic analysis, snapshot economic indicators, written features on emerging economic trends, and high-level trend analysis of the Printing Equipment and Graphic Arts Supplies industry segments.

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PrintStats is an industry demographic resource, produced exclusively for APTech members by industry experts Dr. Joe Webb, Richard Romano, and economic consulting firm ExpliStats.  Launched in 2017, the PrintStats program not only provides the latest federal statistics for 38 unique commercial printing and related industry segments, but also provides estimates to 2017 and forecasts to 2022.

These estimates and forecasts are created using proprietary, industry specific, data models that mix baseline federal statistics with expert industry input resulting in a unique view into the past, present, and future of the commercial printing industry as you define it.

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