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The 2019 Call for Seminars is now officially closed.
If you have questions, please contact Julie Shaffer at:


Attendees come to the PRINT event to learn something new to help them grow their business or their career. Most attendees have a limited amount of time at the event and want to squeeze as much as possible from their visit. The seminars we select will be timely and tightly focused on a topic of greatest relevance to people who work in a variety of roles in the realm of print and visual communications. We particularly want sessions with a specific "how to" element. “How to approach a new market.” “How to stand out from the competition.” “How to add a new technology or line of business.” “How to work with specific applications.” “How to manage.” “How to market.” “How to sell.” “How to navigate the future.” You get the idea.

Most seminar sessions are 50 minutes in length (we will offer several extended length sessions (90 minutes) for topics that require more time to properly cover). Computer lab sessions are 2 hours in length (if requested, we will provide a helper for each lab to support the instructor with computer/logistic issues). Below is a list of preferred topics/areas of focus for the 2019 program. Please use it as a guide. You can choose to cover one or more of these proposed topics but feel free to offer your own, keeping in mind our audience and our overarching goal of helping attendees in their professional development and/or to grow their business. 

Seminar Areas of Focus            Submit Seminar Proposal