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Events Team

Event Planning

Deedee Driscoll Tinkham, CMP

Director, Meetings & Events
Housing, meeting room requests, show contractors, event planning
703-264-7200 ext. 245

Exhibit Sales & Services

Chrissie Hahn

Senior Director, Sales & Exhibitor Services
Booth space sales and assignments, exhibitor support, machinery/material handling, hanging signs, meeting rooms on the show floor
703-264-7200 ext. 267

Sondra Benoudiz

Senior Director, Sales & Exhibitor Services
Sponsorships, booth space sales and assignments, exhibitor support
703-264-7200 ext. 222

Kaitlyn Greene

Exhibit Sales & Services Assistant
Booth space sales and invoicing, exhibitor support, exhibitor manual requests
703-264-7200 ext. 270

Marketing & Promotion

Sarah Markfield

Associate Vice President, Communications

Jodie Haynes

Director, Marketing Services
Marketing promotion, media registration, ad placements/agreements, seminar planning, speaking opportunities
703-264-7200 ext. 246

Customer Service

Debbie Woodcock

Special Projects - Part Time
EAC form collection and any questions about insurance for EAC's
703-264-7200 ext. 286