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Top Six Ways PRINT Shows You How to Grow Your Business


The printing and graphic communications industry is ever-evolving. Your business success depends on you evolving along with it. PRINT is the one place that helps you do just that—offering all the education, products and innovations you need to grow your business.


Sure, you already know what is important to grow your business. But do you know how? Or are you stuck relying on the same strategies and not quite achieving your goals? We asked a diverse range of six PRINT 18 speakers to share their top takeaways about how this must-attend event for printing and graphic communications professionals offers new strategic ideas you can implement immediately. Here’s what they had to say:


#1: PRINT allows you to peek into the future

“There are two things you need to be aware of when it comes to the future of your company: The first is the direction your customers are going. The second is the direction the industry is going. PRINT gives you a chance to look into the future and see both. Whether you lead or follow, it’s all there. Your answer to the question, ‘Where is my company headed?’ is in Chicago, September 30-October 2." –Bill Farquharson, Idealliance, Sales Coach/Trainer/Speaker


#2: PRINT helps you maximize your opportunities

“PRINT helps attendees grow their business by offering education, ideas, experiences, technology and insights all in one comprehensive community event. As one of the largest in-plant gatherings, PRINT offers the opportunity to network and leverage all of these offerings in one venue, maximizing the opportunity to grow their operations.” –Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director, Rochester Software Associates


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