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Top Six Ways PRINT Shows You How to Grow Your Business


The printing and graphic communications industry is ever-evolving. Your business success depends on you evolving along with it. PRINT is the one place that helps you do just that—offering all the education, products and innovations you need to grow your business.


Sure, you already know what is important to grow your business. But do you know how? Or are you stuck relying on the same strategies and not quite achieving your goals? We asked a diverse range of six PRINT 18 speakers to share their top takeaways about how this must-attend event for printing and graphic communications professionals offers new strategic ideas you can implement immediately.


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Innovation Is Everything


As the printing and graphic communications industry evolves, embracing change is critical to business success—especially for in-plants. The PRINT 18 team caught up with veteran PRINT speaker and regarded industry consultant Howie Fenton for his observations on the biggest changes in the world of printing and how in-plants can embrace these changes and leverage them for their own success.


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What Does the Future Hold for Paper and Print?


From budgetary challenges to societal shifts, the changing face of the print and graphic communications industry is affected by a wide variety of external forces. We spoke with PRINT 18 speaker and veteran designer Daniel Dejan, Print Creative Manager for North America at Sappi Paper, about what he sees as the biggest hurdles today’s print professionals must overcome and how to move forward into a profitable future.


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Preparing for the Future of Print and Graphic Communications


With new trends and challenges facing the print and graphic communications industry, preparing for the future means adapting to evolving customer needs and diversifying your workforce to meet the changing capabilities of the profession. We spoke with PRINT 18 speaker and author Diana Varma, graphics communications management instructor at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, about what she sees as the most pressing issues facing the print world and how to nurture the next generation of print professionals.


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PRINT 18’s VR Experience Takes Attendees Where They’ve Never Been Before


Think stepping inside a running printing press is truly impossible? Think again! Thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology, which can take any larger-than-life scenario and turn it into an accessible experience with the help of a state-of-the-art headset, PRINT 18 attendees can watch rollers roll and gears turn in a fully immersive exhibit-floor VR experience. This interactive virtual pressroom, which showcases the inner workings of big iron offset and digital printing presses, is developed through a partnership between the Association for PRINT Technologies and Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics.


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Celebrate Emerging Innovation at PRINT 18


The printing and graphic communications industry is evolving—immersing itself in a digital world that’s steeped in innovation. In order to maintain a competitive edge, printing and graphic communications professionals must stay on top of new technology, implement new equipment into their operations and tap into new product areas to diversify their offerings.


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