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Member Benefits

Grow your business by joining the Association for PRINT Technologies.

Member Benefits

Grow your business by joining the Association for PRINT Technologies:

  • Enter new markets, discover new technologies and research new applications.
  • Plan with confidence using trusted industry research and market data.
  • Expand your opportunities with thought leadership and best practices.
  • Advance your career with strategic connections and life-long learning.
  • Uplevel your business acumen.
  • Enrich your knowledge with industry standards.
  • Leverage representation on regulatory issues.

Plan with confidence using trusted industry research and market data.

Invent your future with the most extensive, diverse, and broad-reaching market research. PRIMIR studies keep you current with the rapid changes in the printing industry and the markets we serve. They help you develop forecasts so that you can make informed decisions. Benchmark your competition with studies that provide a full analysis, concise conclusions and clear recommendations that keep your business on the path to success. When you participate in the confidential Market Data Program, you receive quarterly dollar and unit shipment information for 80 different product categories.

Expand your opportunities with thought leadership and best practices.

Through knowledge sharing, connecting with others in the community, and through support from one-another, you can advance your business and address the change management issues you are faced with daily.

  • COMING SOON: Executive Development Certificate Program on Transformational Leadership This unique program will provide leaders knowledge, skills and the abilities required to transform a company and generate continued success in an industry being disrupted by radical change in technologies, markets, business and financial models.

Advance your career with strategic connections and life-long learning.

Stimulate new ideas and foster new ways to get ahead despite the economy. Active APTech members are exposed to new people, new business and new ways of thinking.

  • PRINT®: The industry leading event for the print community is where you'll see breakthrough ideas and technologies and connect with industry innovators. Attending is a great way to learn about what’s hot, what’s fading and what your company needs to have or do right now.
  • Print Innovation Exchange: The APTech annual conference, focuses on business management and technology trends. This is the event where members gather to discuss the state of the industry and be on the leading edge of business management and technology trends.
  • Leadership opportunities: Volunteer to participate on committees, standards and research; and influence the future of printing.

Advance your interests on Capitol Hill with APTech advocacy initiatives.

APTech’s experienced staff has an influential voice on Capitol Hill and works with representatives from Congress, the legal community, and other organizations on issues that matter most to the print community.

  • Keeping postage rates in-check
  • Preserving access to paper-based information and services for Americans who prefer and depend on them
  • Expanding global markets and helping U.S. manufacturers compete more effectively
  • Protecting family-owned businesses from the Estate Tax
  • Reducing government regulatory costs
  • Arresting patent troll abuse and protecting Intellectual Property (IP) rights

Connect with your future workforce.

APTech advances graphic communications knowledge and education by supporting programs that help provide a skilled industry workforce.

  • SkillsUSA
  • Student Design Competition
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Career Day
  • Student Career Fair

Extend your reach with new global markets.

Improve sales and value chain growth through a global network of partner organizations that will help you expand into the international market and create brand awareness. Foster strategic alliances and meet face-to face with potential emerging market customers by participating in organized trade missions, often held in conjunction with international trade shows. The Global Concierge Program provides hands-on coordination for your international sales and marketing efforts, by improving communications and productivity of your in-country sales agents and distributors.

Gain insider knowledge by participating in standards development.

Standards are the common language across all print technologies that ensure employee safety, production quality, and environmental responsibility. As a member of APTech you will have the opportunity to participate in creating the guidelines that help regulate safety and technical standards.

  • B65 (ANSI) develops safety standards for printing equipment and systems.
  • CGATS (ANSI) develops technical standards including color measurement, color characterization, process control, pallet loading, data exchange, and variable data formats.
  • USTAG (ISO/TC130) is how the US industry officially participates as a voting member in ISO’s International Standards Program through TC130’s nine working groups.
  • ICC promotes the standardization and evolution of an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management system.
  • Brand Owner Council discusses issues in the packaging industry and develops a concise synopsis of standards group activities.


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