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Print Service Providers: Commercial and in-plant printers.

Manufacturers & Suppliers*: Companies providing machinery, software, supply and systems in North America.

Associate Members**: Companies and persons that do not qualify for Manufacturer or Printer Membership.

* Must have a North American office and primarily provide new equipment.
** Associate members may not serve on the Board of Directors, purchase research studies, or participate in the Market Data Program.

It’s universal.
It’s permanent.
It’s powerful.
Print evolved the world.
And we’re here to evolve the world of print.
We’re here to bring our community together, so we can be one unified, powerful force.
A force as powerful as print itself.
A force driven to evolve the industry.
To grow print businesses.
And to empower us all.
We’re the Association for PRINT Technologies.
And we’ve been Innovating Graphic Communications since 1933.

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