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Getting the opportunity to see groundbreaking vendor products and equipment is one reason thousands of industry professionals flock to the PRINT event in Chicago every fall. But with hundreds of booths in the Exhibit Hall, it can be  a challenge to get a look at all of the innovative products on display. That’s why this year the Association for Print Technologies is rolling out the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program, showcasing the newest products shown at the annual PRINT event.

Featuring technology or equipment that has come to market within the past 12 months, the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program highlights the “what’s new” on the exhibit floor. A printed guidebook will indicate where each RED HOT Technology is located in the Exhibit Hall and each recognized product will sport highly visible RED HOT Technology markers. Each of these technologies is then eligible to win one of the RED HOT Vanguard Awards, based on its merit as a game-changer in the industry.

Deadline to Apply: August 17, 2018

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For questions and more information, contact Julie Shaffer, Associate Vice-President, Program and Community Development at