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PRINT Videos

A Chat with Mick Rowan

PRINT Success Story

Print IQ's Mick Rowan, Director of Product Development, offers us insight on their success at PRINT 17 and how they plan on continuing that format through to PRINT 18. Originated in New Zealand, Print IQ specializes in Management Workflow Systems and focuses heavily on the North American market. As past attendees, they exhibited for the first time at PRINT 17 and had a "fantastic response" with over 100 demos and more than 15 converted sales!
A Chat with Mark Hunt

Most Important Investment

Mark Hunt, Standard Finishing Systems Director of Strategic Alliances, speaks on the benefits of exhibiting at PRINT every year. PRINT is the centerpiece of Standard's trade show involvement and continues to attract their customers year after year. As their most important investment in the trade show arena, PRINT serves as a "terrific launch platform for new products and loading the cannons for the future year of sales opportunities."
A Chat with Sean Tobler

Hot Bed for New Ideas

Harris & Bruno's Regional Sales Manager, Sean Tobler, chats with us about why PRINT 18 is the date circled on everyone's calendar. Not only is Chicago a hub for their current customers, but the yearly PRINT event is a "hot bed" for new ideas and new customers. Following up on their great success from PRINT 17, Harris & Bruno plans on rolling out new products and having a successful show at PRINT 18!
A Chat with Moses Nuno

UV Coating

Moses Nuno, Vice President of TEC Lighting Inc. describes UV coating at PRINT 18 and why it is important the attend the event every year. Planning to unveil new products, TEC Lighting is hoping to educate attendees on how UV coating can help grow their business.
A Chat with Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington of Graphic Whizard describes the value of PRINT 18

Hear Chris Harrington, VP of Sales, Graphic Whizard, describe why PRINT is a great opportunity to show new products to both the dealer distributor channels and end-user customers.
A Chat with Kelly Kilga

Growing Our Industry

Kelly Kilga, Vice President Meetings & Events, discusses her role at the Association, where she and her team manage all event activities for APTech, as well as exciting plans for APTech’s signature event—PRINT®—which brings the boldest and brightest innovators, influencers, and newest technology together to create connections that showcase and advance our industry.

What is Print?

Heralding a bold new mission to drive Printing Industry growth, the Association for Print Technologies (APTech), formerly NPES, has a new identity that is both a nod to the Association’s signature annual event—PRINT®—which it has produced since 1968, and marks a defining moment in the Association’s 85-year history. Additionally, the new name signifies progress toward completion of its Strategic Business Plan for the Industry, which launched in January 2017.