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RED HOT Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program?

The RED HOT Technology Recognition Program is a discovery and approbation platform for the newest products exhibited at the annual PRINT event. The program provides exhibitors a platform to showcase new-to-market “Red Hot” products and offers the opportunity for recognition in one of the RED HOT Technology Vanguard Awards.

What will the RED HOT Technology Program do for you?

By participating in the program, you are taking advantage of the Association for PRINT Technology’s efforts to help tell the entire industry about your newest products and services.


  • Products recognized through the RED HOT Technology Program are prominently featured in the PRINT On-site Event Guide, online, and signage, providing valuable guidance to those considering the purchase of new equipment, software or supplies.
  • Through an aggressive pre-show, onsite and post-show media and marketing campaign, exhibitors gain valuable industry-wide recognition of products recognized through the RED HOT Technology Program.
  • Exhibitors with products recognized through the RED HOT Technology Vanguard Awards are merited as “game changers” helping to advance the industry.

How does the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program work?

The RED HOT Technology Program offers two levels of recognition. PRINT event exhibitors can submit their newest products for consideration as a RED HOT Technology and, if applicable, a RED HOT Technology Vanguard Award.


To qualify for RED HOT Technology recognition, a product or service must fit in one of 10 categories and have been introduced on or after June 1 of the previous year (for PRINT 19, this means the product must have been introduced on or after June 1, 2018.) A product must be shown in the exhibitor’s booth, but it is not required that the product shown be commercially available at the time of the PRINT event. The RED HOT Technology evaluation team reviews each entry and support documentation to verify it meets the program criteria. Products are not in competition within each category; rather any new product meeting the program criteria is eligible for recognition as RED HOT Technology.


Products may also be submitted for additional consideration as a RED HOT Vanguard Award. The Vanguard Award Program recognizes products based on their merit as “game changers” for the industry in one of three categories – Breakthrough, Pioneer and Collaborative – and is competitive, with recipients in each category. Entries for Vanguard Awards are considered for recognition by the evaluation team together with a panel of industry experts.

What are the criteria for the Vanguard Awards?

A potential Breakthrough Award product is one that helps advance an existing technology or process and open new business opportunities for end users. White toner is an example of a breakthrough technology in digital print, making it possible to print color more accurately on clear or non-white substrates and therefore opening opportunities for products like digital labels. To be recognized for a Pioneer Award, a product must be an entirely new technology or a product not used before in the graphic communication industry. An example of this would be a technical support process that uses augmented/virtual reality to help equipment operators troubleshoot problems. The Collaboration Award recognizes products developed by one or more distinct company working together to create a new product. For example, an inkjet press that contains the printheads developed by one manufacturer with the print engine developed by another would be eligible for a RED HOT Collaboration Award.

Who can enter the RED HOT Technology Program?

  • Only vendors that have reserved booth space at PRINT are eligible to enter. Note: companies with products shown only in another vendor’s booth are ineligible for recognition, unless a Co-Exhibitor Agreement and payment have been submitted. In order to be recognized as a candidate for the RED HOT Collaboration Award, part of the Vanguard award program, both collaborative vendors are required to be exhibitors at the PRINT event.
  • Products submitted by exhibitors with a booth of any size qualify for entry into the RED HOT Technology Program. All new technology can be deemed “RED HOT!”
  • All products entered in the RED HOT Technology program must be “new” and have been introduce since June 1 of the prior year. It also cannot have been entered into a prior RED HOT Technology Program.
  • Once a product has been recognized, that same product can't be recognized in a future year, unless it has undergone a significant update or revision.

What types of products can be entered?

To qualify for entry, your product must be “shown” at the PRINT event (for large equipment, photos, videos or virtual reality experiences are an acceptable alternative to the product’s physical presence). Because the key reason the RED HOT Technology program exists is to show case your product or service at PRINT, it only makes sense that your booth contains something for attendees to see!


Nearly any product or service that helps print or marketing service providers grow their business is eligible for recognition in the RED HOT Technology Program. To make it easier to help attendees and the industry better review recognized technologies, recognized products are grouped into 10 categories:


  1. Analog Presses & Add-on Devices
  2. Color Management, Prepress & Pre-media
  3. Consumables & Substrates
  4. Digital Production Printing Devices
  5. Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping & Fulfillment
  6. Marketing & Multi-channel Solutions
  7. Post-press, Specialty & Finishing
  8. Sales & Management Systems
  9. Wide-Format Digital Printing Devices
  10. Workflow Automation Systems

What are the benefits of recognition in the RED HOT Technology program?

All participants enjoy extensive pre-show media coverage as well as high visibility during and after the show:


  • A press release announcing the products recognized in the RED HOT Technology Program is issued several weeks before the show, leading to media coverage (and giving you plenty of time to promote your product’s RED HOT Technology status in your pre-event promotions).
  • All products recognized as a RED HOT Technology are featured in a free pre-show public webinar, promoted & hosted by the Association for PRINT Technologies.
  • The RED HOT Technology Vanguard Award recipients are revealed during the PRINT event on the morning it opens, generating immediate coverage by industry media.
  • The booth numbers of all RED HOT Technology designees and Vanguard Award recipients are listed in the On-site Event Guide that is widely distributed at the event.
  • During the event, recognized products and companies enjoy continuous media coverage in the Association for PRINT Technologies’ media outlets (printed directories, event website and mobile App, directory and all social media channels).
  • On the exhibit hall floor, each RED HOT recipient’s booth will be clearly identified with appropriate signage making it easy for attendees to easily find them. Vanguard Award recipients also receive a unique physical award.

How do I enter my company’s NEW product for recognition in the program?

Once your entry has been submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email that also contains email address for sending supporting documentation (PDF-formatted documents, spreadsheets, electronic presentations). Support documents are especially critical for consideration as one of the Vanguard Awards.

Can I enter MULTIPLE products?

Yes, but each product must be entered separately. The online registration process makes it easy to create multiple entries. In step one, submit the total entry fee for the number of entries you plan to enter. After you have submitted payment, you can begin to enter each submission.

When is the entry deadline?

July 26, 2019

What happens after I’ve entered?

The RED HOT Technology evaluation team reviews each entry and supporting documents to verify that the product meets the basic criteria for recognition. Any product submitted that is new to the market, i.e. released for sales on or after June 1, 2018, is eligible. Documentation for consideration can include things like dated press releases announcing the product or first sale, social media or website posts, product brochures, presentations, etc. This part of the program is non-competitive; there are not “winners” in any category; all verified “new” products are worthy of recognition as a RED HOT Technology shown at the PRINT event.


Those products entered for consideration as a Breakthrough, Pioneer or Collaborative Vanguard Award are further reviewed by the evaluation team together with the panel of industry experts. Each of the Vanguard Awards have different criteria, and it is important for participants to provide a solid narrative describing how the product is a game-changer in the industry.


  • Breakthrough Award – describe how this product builds on existing technology to advance its use and/or solve an acknowledged limitation. This should be beyond a minor incremental improvement to a product itself (i.e. going from 200 to 240 sheets per minutes); rather it should push the boundaries of what has been accomplished with any product in its category. White toner, for example, allowed for better process color printing on non-white substrates.
  • Pioneer Award – this product or underlying technology is entirely new, or new for use for production or management in the graphic communication industry. This should not be an incremental improvement to an existing product, but something that breaks new ground, opening business growth and new markets within the industry.
  • Collaboration Award – recognizes innovative, new products that result from a combination of technologies from difference manufacturers/companies. Either company can enter for a Collaboration Award and one award will be jointly conferred on both companies of the recognized product.

Can my information remain under nondisclosure until the show?

Entrants who want to embargo information about their new product until the first day of PRINT should check the “Embargo” option during the entry process.

Is there a cost to enter?

Yes. Each entry form must be accompanied by a $250 registration fee; that payment can be made via credit card or check (please note, your check must be received before your product can be entered for consideration).

When will I find out if my product has been accepted as a RED HOT Technology?

All entrants will be notified of their status via email approximately four weeks before the PRINT event. A press release will announce the companies and products RED HOT Technology Recognition Program for each category. The Vanguard Awards are not announced until the start of the PRINT event and are reported in a separate press release. Companies that receive Vanguard Award recognition will be notified at least one week prior to prepare for recognition at the PRINT event.

When will RED HOT Technology Program recipients be announced?

Following review, those products achieving designation as a RED HOT Technology will be announced approximately one month before PRINT 19.

Where is the entry form so I can register?

Log in to your Exhibitor Dashboard:


Questions or Comments?

For further information, please contact the RED HOT Technology program coordinator via email at