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Press release from the issuing company

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  • Comprehensive MIS/MES Solutions Including On-Site Customization
  • Modular MIS and MES Solutions to Optimize Existing ERP Systems

MIAMI - HiFlow Solutions is filling the integrated operations management gap in the growing, multi-billion dollar packaging market by bringing its state-of-the-art, customizable, MIS and MES software products to American flexo, folding carton, corrugated and label producers.

HiFlow Solutions has moved its commercial operations from Europe to the US. The company chose Miami, Florida as its headquarters, where they also joined Printing Industry of America and Florida Graphic Alliance. HiFlow Solutions wants to support members of  these two associations in developing their businesses by providing them with proven European models and state-of-the-art solutions in the field of production automation within Industry 4.0.

HiFlow offers full functionality expected by packaging producers HiFlow adds technology, such as automated production planning (scheduling) and in-demand “Track and Trace” functionality, as standard components in its base package.

“Our research shows a preponderance of older systems in America, and they need to be updated to compete in a packaging market which is experiencing explosive growth,” Mariusz Sosnowski, the founder and CEO of HiFlow Solutions says. “With HiFlow, we give you only what you need to maximize your existing management solution’s benefits – but we do so with our solutions developed in state-of-the-art Microsoft technology.”

Sosnowski says that another reason to upgrade systems is to have the ability to connect with supply chain stakeholders as well as customers and their own partners. “Industry 4.0 is already here, and HiFlow enables the Smart Factory concept this innovative era encourages. Our customers are already taking advantage of the exponential benefits resulting from true interconnectedness and communication between operations.”

Almost 100 packaging printers in Europe use HiFlow technology, which was built to serve the needs of the packaging segment, specifically. The results for our customers are improved customer service, shorter order processing times, improved quality and a measureable overall increase in productivity.


HiFlow Solutions has been established in Europe for over 20 years. In 2019, it moved its international sales headquarters to the US, choosing Miami (FL) as its home. The company provides solutions to improve enterprise management, and is a leader in the field of integrated management systems for the packaging and printing sectors.

To arrange an appointment contact Mariusz at 305.646.9933