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How to Enter the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program

Log in to your exhibitor dashboard to enter your RED HOT submissions.  

  1. Select RED HOT Technologies Recognition Program
  2. Purchase RED HOT Technologies Entry
  3. Purchase and pay for the number of entries you would like to submit* and click “Check Out”.
  4. Enter the number of entries you would like to submit, select Check Out and pay for submissions, then continue on to “Enter content for your RED HOT Technology submissions.

*You must first submit payment for the number of entries you would like to add. The fee for each entry is $250.

How to Enter:


1. The following is information you will need to enter for each submission.

  • Product Name
  • Model/Version/Identifier
  • Product Release Date and/or Update
  • Product Manager/Company Contact Name
  • Product Manager/Company Contact Name Email
  • URL for Product Details

2. Explain why this product should be recognized under the RED HOT Technology Program.  Note: eligibility for recognition is contingent on applicability of one of these options.  While it is possible for more than one of these to apply to a product, select only one that you feel best represents the product you are entering.

3. Select the cateogry the product best fits into:

4. Select if the product is:

5. Select the Basic Product Type:

6. Provide a full product description (300 words max)

7. Check if the product is Embargoed until the first of PRINT 19 - October 3, 2019.

8. Complete your contact information

9. If you product is eligible for a Vanguard Award, be prepared to select which Vanguard Award you are applying for (Breakthrough, Collaboration, or Pioneer*) and explain why your product deserves to be recognized in the Vanguard Award Program.

*To view the descriptions of each Vanguard Award, click here.