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 Educational Sessions That Foster Collaboration

If you’re a leader or a future leader of the print industry, if you have a creative mind that loves to innovate and if you’re ready to build the future of print, you should participate in the Learning Experience. PRINT 19 will provide you with a forum to inspire the development of new and valuable ideas and products to help you move your business forward every day. Our education sessions will foster collaboration between those who create and those who imagine with the focus being on the future of print and the print industry.

Choose from dozens of sessions that range in topics from business management, sales, and operational improvement to hand-on labs and more.

What you learn in Chicago this year will make a difference in your professional and personal lives. Don’t miss out!

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Take advantage of our FREE educational offerings during PRINT 19 including our Keynote presentation, TechTalks, TechWalks (free to registered PRINT attendees) and more.

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PRINT 19 Keynote Address

NIcholas ThompsonNicholas Thompson

Editor-in-chief, Wired Magazine

—The Wired Future—

Thursday, October 3 | 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM | Location: S406a

Our 2019 Keynote presenter, Wired's editor-in-chief, Nicholas Thompson is committed to pushing the magazine to the forefront of technology. And as a veteran public speaker, he’s uniquely situated to offer informed commentary on everything new and vital in this inexhaustible field.

  • How will artificial intelligence and robotics change our devices, the way we work, earn a living, fight wars, solve problems—our very selves
  • How will privacy, security, and cyber-espionage evolve in the coming years of interconnectivity (and how much should the average person or company care)?
  • How will the world’s dominant tech corporations—Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft—interact with citizens, help write policy, and exert power over governments and citizens?
  • And how can the media continue upholding the truth throughout?

No matter the subject—design, culture, media, tech, ethics, or our digital future—Nicholas Thompson is more than ready to break the news with big ideas and fearless takes.

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