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  • Boosting Long-run U.S. GDP by making 100% Expensing permanent. To achieve this goal APTech is launching the Make Expensing Permanent Coalition in 2018
  • Keeping rising postage rates in check, by enacting postal reform legislation that would stabilize U.S. Postal Service expenses
  • Preserving access to important paper-based information and services for Americans who prefer them or depend on them, by advocating as a member of the Coalition for Paper Options 
  • Bringing printing, imaging and mailing industry employers together with qualified workers, by supporting community-based educational programs that prepare job-seekers with the skills needed to be successful in modern graphic communications careers
  • Working to facilitate the possibility of association health plans (AHPs)  
  • Expanding global markets, and helping U.S. manufacturers compete more effectively for the 95% of the world market outside of the United States, by supporting fair trade agreements an advocating with the Stop Tariffs on Printers and Publishers (STOPP) Coalition
  • Reducing government regulatory costs, which have already been curtailed by Congress and the new Administration to an unprecedented degree, with more systemic reforms yet to come
  • Curtailing “patent troll” abuses while also protecting intellectual property rights, and
  • Protecting data privacy, both domestically and in international commerce.




For more information contact:

Mark Nuzzaco
Vice President Government Affairs
Phone: 703/264-7200