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The Evolution of Print in the Cross-Generational World of Information Media
Research conducted by: Borrell Associates, Inc.

There has been a significant amount of change in the way information media is delivered and consumed due to the growing amount of technological choice. Media began with print, before expanding into radio and television, and more recently into the Internet and mobile communication. These five forms of information media co-exist in today’s media landscape, but each is also constantly changing to address the broad and varied demands of information consumers. Most of today’s adult population, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers, represent the majority of information consumers. This group has very diverse information needs and preferences, but are most influenced by Millennials, the youngest, largest, most diverse, most educated, and first digitally native and constantly connected generation in history. The impact Millennials have on media and the way it affects Baby Boomers and Gen Xers is critical to understand.

Breadth of Press Offerings for Digital Packaging Printing
Research conducted by: IDC

Personalization in packaging is a growing market trend. But the uptake is quite slow, mostly the big brands are starting to use it but even then, the rate of adoption has been increasing steadily. What is the market for a range of digital packaging presses for each segment within packaging (i.e. folding carton, flexible, labels, corrugated)? What are the price, speed/productivity, quality, width, substrate range trade-offs that converters and brand owners are willing to accept? What value is expected at each point in the range what impact will it have on packaging producers? In addition, address personalization in packaging. How does it affect revenue, the bottom line and customer loyalty?

Outlook for the Global Web-to-Print Market
Research conducted by: Smithers Pira

Web-to-Print has become an important tool for many printing companies and web-to-print vendors are reporting increasing adoption rates. This study should investigate usage rates as well as feature importance, relative to the size of the printing company. It should provide market analysis, outlook, product launch, strategic corporate developments, and market analytics as to the adoption of web-to-print. By region, it should provide past & recent, current & future analysis for the web-to-print market analyzed with annual revenues. How are software vendors in the regions selling their commercial web-to-print solutions to printers? What are the opportunities and challenges?

Attracting New Talent to the Print Industry
Research conducted by: Nona Woolbright, Clemson University

As the printing industry faces an aging workforce, printers face the critical issue of how to recruit new talent and particularly the next generation of talent that will replace those nearing retirement?

Discover a New World of Color Management Solutions
Research conducted by: Nima Hunter

In the eyes of print buyers, color management solutions are key for consumer product companies – as they expand around the world, they try to keep the value and integrity of their brand intact. This study should cover color management best practices, the software available, and the companies in the industry who focus on this key industry trend. Also, to be included, information related to software, hardware, system integration and who is managing this.

Future of the Global Corrugated Market
Research conducted by: TBD

This study will be an in-depth review of the global corrugated market. There is a movement towards high-end graphics versus preprinted top sheets. This study should explore the impact of digital printing technologies on directly printing on corrugated. It should also look at inline vs. offline finishing for corrugated boxes. A quantitative look at different types of corrugated in volume as well as the number of companies producing corrugated. What are the trends in inline printing directly on corrugated versus printing and manufacturing of the corrugated box in one pass?